Appointment and Sanitation Procedures

Effective June 6, 2020

Appointment Procedures

  1. When making personal service appointments for massage, facials, body treatments, manicures or pedicures, we will advise the clients in writing via appointment confirmation and on our web site of new requirements:
  • Client must self-screen for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 before arriving at the service provider location.
  • Clients should not plan on bringing other guests with them, unless they are bringing children younger than 16 for an appointment.
  • Clients should advise personal service providers via call, email or text that they have arrived at the location for the appointment, and are waiting for instructions to enter.
  • Clients should put on a face mask (recommended) prior to leaving the vehicle, and they should be prepared to sanitize their hands upon arrival in the entrance of TRUCE Spa.
  • The service provider will wear a clean robe or have a change of clothes between services, as well as providing each client with a clean robe. The robes are laundered after each single use.
  • Payments for service should be through credit or debit cards or a touchless system to reduce the handling of cash.
  1. Clients will arrive at the spa reception area with suggested mask usage for all guests.  A plexiglass barrier is installed between client and reception staff.  Clients will be greeted per our normal standard and will be required to complete our standard intake form.  Clipboards and pens will be sanitized after each use.
  2. Clients will be escorted by staff to the assigned treatment room.
  3. Clients are brought to the treatment room where they will receive their appointment. They can sit on a chair outside the door until the therapist disinfects the room. Then the therapist will have clients initial that they have no COVID symptoms and brings them in the room for their service. The therapist steps out of the room and disinfects the chairs they sat on.
  4. Client will disrobe for treatment inside the treatment room.  The client will be given instruction for hanging personal belongings, disrobing and treatment protocol once treatment is complete.
  5. Staff will enter the treatment room, provide greeting, hand washing protocols for staff and clients and treatment process.
  6. Staff will be required to wear face coverings, single use robe or clothing for each treatment.
  7. Staff will work in the same treatment room throughout their shift. Ample time is being allocated between treatments for staff to sanitize the treatment room following the sanitation checklist.
  8. We also have signs on chairs and in locker rooms that ask clients to place a card in the area or on a chair that they have sat in, as a courtesy, for disinfecting. When the spa concierge cleans the area, the sign is put back indicating it has been disinfected.

Sanitation Checklist

Room flip time has been extended. Before each new client the following must be completed:

  • All linens stripped and placed in the dirty linen bin.
  • Used gloves & gown to be removed and disposed of. New gloves must be put on & face shield sanitized.
  • All hard surfaces must be sprayed down, let chemicals sit for 1 minute, and wiped down thoroughly. (Countertops, door handle, cabinet handles, steamer, jewelry dish, product bottles, etc.).
  • Spray floor with disinfectant (70% alcohol), let sit for 1 minute and then mop up.
  • Used cleaning gloves to be thrown out & wash hands.
  • Prior to greeting a new guest, wash hands or sanitize again
  • Once welcoming new clients, require them to sanitize. 
  • After payments for service, spray Clover with disinfectant (70% alcohol).

Procedures specific to Nail Appointments

  • Clients are taken to the nail room where they can wait (6 ft apart) if needed before appointment start time.
  • There are sneeze cards at all mani / pedi stations.
  • Nail Techs sanitize mani and pedi station after each use with 70% alcohol.
  • The nail techs are changing their clothes after every appointment until robes and smocks become available.
  • Barbicide is used to disinfect all tools.
  • The pedi sink is disinfected with an antimicrobial product after each use.

Additional Policies

Clients will have access to the men’s and women’s locker rooms. No shower use at this time.  Only one person at a time can go in the infrared sauna unless you are in the same household.  Staff will sanitize men’s and women’s locker room restrooms, sinks, handles and infrared after each guest use.

Clients will have access to purchase retail merchandise with assistance from the receptionist.  Disposable gloves are available if the client needs to touch merchandise. Otherwise staff with disposable gloves will select merchandise for the client.

Staff sanitizes prior to using the dispensary area.  Staff schedule will be set & provided at the start of every shift. We are accepting walk-in business so staff schedules might fluctuate. If it does for any reason, staff will be notified by the front desk. The Front Desk team will be handling all necessary restocking of products to limit exposure and handling of supplies.

We are also asking staff to complete a self-health check daily before coming into the office (you can read it here) and then complete this self-health check form when they arrive for work (you can see it here).

Video Tour with Procedure Updates

Location & Hours

The Westin Bellevue, Suite 400
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Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Sundays 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.


TRUCE Spa accepts reservations three months in advance. Subject to availability, TRUCE Spa offers services before and after hours (additional charges apply). Complimentary beverage service is offered while experiencing TRUCE.

Spa Payment

Both registered and non-registered hotel guests are welcome. All major credit cards, cash, and gift certificates purchased through TRUCE Spa are accepted. Gratuities are not included in menu pricing.


Parking is available in Lincoln Square. Elevators from the fourth or fifth level go directly to Westin Bellevue lobby. Hotel elevators will transfer you to the fourth floor where the spa is located.

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