Massages at TRUCE Spa are a luxurious escape from the hectic strains of everyday life. We offer relief from tensions in your neck, shoulders, hands and feet. This can be enjoyed solo, or with a loved one. Our massage offerings will restore balance to mind and body.

TRUCE Spa - Retreat. Reset. Relax.

Tropical Escape

Relax into the hands of our seasoned professionals, as they apply their expertise to relieve muscle aches, improve body function, and enhance overall circulation. This includes your choice of tropical aromatherapy. 60 Minute $109 / 90 Minute $149

Royal Hand, Foot and Scalp

A ritual based upon a special recipe of coconut milk, aromatherapy lotion and a choice of an herbal scrub or mineral mask. Find balance and release of tensions in the head, neck, shoulders, hands and feet. 60 Minute $109 / 90 Minute $149

Couples Journey

Unwind and relax, side by side, each with your own personal therapist in the same private environment. Self-indulgence and renewal create the perfect shared experience for you and your partner. 60 Minute $109 / 90 Minute $149. Couples Add $5 / Person.


Essential Oil Blends: Relax, Energize or Purify – $15
Warm Coconut Milk Treatment – No Time Added $15 / 15 Minute $35
30 Minute Seasonal Body Scrub or Volcano Mud Wrap – $60
Anti-aging Stem Cell Massage Enhancement – No Time Added $20
CBD Treatment (single area) – No Time Added $5
CBD Treatment (for 0.5 oz) – No Time Added $20
Cupping – No Time Added $15


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Retreat. Reset. Relax. Journey to TRUCE.

We believe healing starts from within. Take a revitalizing vacation for your senses, body and mind.